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Mary Davis
Special Content Television Editor
Joyce Meyer Ministries

"Hope Center for Women is transforming lives with the love of God. I have seen the lives of many young ladies completely changed from hopelessness to restoration through the transforming power of God’s Word.  Hope Center for Women goes into the jails and ministers to the brokenhearted and addicted and loves them to restoration and life. They take the broken girls into the home and guide them along the path of wholeness. I’m proud to be a partner alongside of their ministry."

Nellgene Holder
Prophetic Intercessor/Bible Teacher

"Hope Center for Women is just as its name says.  The precious women find hope by way of God's love for them.  They learn to trust Him and His Word
as they experience the Holy Spirit's presence leading and guiding, and being their strength in every situation.  How do I know?  As a friend and
regular visitor, I see it on their faces.  I hear it in their voices.  Witnessing the transformations by the presence of God's exceedingly abundant love for them makes me love Him all the more.  Thanks girls for
the privilege and opportunity."

Dana Russell
Amy Williams
Social Media Video Content Producer
Joyce Meyer Ministries

"Do it Jesus!" is what you'll hear when you hang around Sue Cline and Hope Center for Women. Jesus is the driving force behind everything that they do. The home environment and the sense of family is what sets this ministry apart. I have seen true transformation in these young ladies lives as the love of God is poured out on them through the Hope Center for Women. They come in one way and leave totally different, restored, healed and made whole through the power of God and accountable discipleship. Not only does the Hope Center for Women share the love of Christ but they also teach life skills that each young lady can take with them back out into the world equipped to lead a victorious life. I'm a partner with this ministry and am blessed in supporting the vision that God has given Scott and Sue Cline in restoring these ladies to a healthy life set free from addiction.

Gaye Rogers
Apostolic minister/ founder of Apostolic Women Arising / vision keeper for Healing House Ministry

"What a joy it is for me to share about and recommend the Hope Center for Women.  I have personally met and shared time with several ladies who have been in the Hope Center for Women.  I can say without exception, all those I have had the privilege to meet, have been totally transformed by the Lord.  Not only have their lives been rescued by the Lord from destructive lifestyles, they have become exemplary contributions to society.  This is what makes the Hope Center for Women in Scottsville, KY a very unique place.  Lives are rescued and restored, giving these ladies opportunity to become the best they can become.  Some of my closest friends are leaders in this great work.  I know their character and lifestyles.  God is truly doing an amazing work in and through the Hope Center for Women."

Human Resources professional

 “And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you” (Ezekiel 26:26)  

"I have been blessed by my personal interaction with The Hope Center for Women. Sue and her staff show love and compassion to their clients, thereby helping them to understand God’s plan for their lives. Hope Center for Women provides a solid rehabilitation program which produces great results and “a new spirit” for the clients.  I have had the opportunity to employ several Hope Center graduates and count it a blessing to have Hope Center for Women in our Community. "

Shelia Stovall
Candy Fothergill

"From the first time I was honored enough to be in the room with the Hope Center For Women girls, I immediately was made aware of a strong sense of family.   Family is created by God as a reflection of relationship between us and Him.  The ladies at Hope reflect His heart beautifully.   I am so thankful for Sue Cline and all those God has surrounded her with to help 'family' those who need loved through and through."  


Psalm 68:6  God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity.  


"Even those who have family, once  'adopted' into the family at the Hope Center for Women have the promise of the truth of God that they are a part of families so big and strong and supportive and free and prosperous in every way....the family of God.  Girls, you are all a lovely  reflection of how God families! 

Author/ Allen County, Kentucky Public Library Director

"As the director of the Allen County Public Library, it thrilled me to have the opportunity to visit the Hope Center for Women and to tell the ladies about the resources available through the library that might help them prepare to re-enter the workforce.  Every woman has a story of recovery, redemption, and a future filled with hope thanks to Sue Cline’s dream and God’s faithfulness to answer her prayers.


It’s obvious that Sue loves and respects each of these women, and they, in turn, love and respect her.  The Hope Center for Women lives up to its name as it gives the women a chance to recover, while they learn job skills, and prepare to re-enter the workforce, and to be reunited with their families. I believe the emotional support they receive from each other and from Sue Cline makes the Hope Center for Women different than other recovery centers.  Thank you, Sue, for giving me the opportunity to tell others about the dream God inspired.  Your efforts are making a positive ripple throughout our community."  

Kela Seagle
The Way Worship Center
Bryson City, North Carolina

I have never seen a ministry quite like Hope Center for Women.  The leaders and directors have a true heart for the women who come in to their home.  Their passion to lead and guide these ladies and to help them see their true identity in Christ is impeccable.  I’ve personally met and seen the transformations of many of the women who have entered the Hope Center for Women.  To hear their testimonies and see them living them out has been life changing for me.  I believe this is just the beginning, and I know there are many more lives that will be changed through the Hope Center for Women!

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