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Your Praise is a Weapon

Your Praise is Your Weapon🔊🎶🥁⚔️🏹....Whenever I hear this my mind automatically goes to an intense war like beat of a drum and ancient tribal dance. Intense warfare to fight off all the fiery darts the enemy sends our way. I am a very vivid,visual person so my thoughts often transfer me to the scene to wrap my mind around a situation. There are times I see praise as an out crying of the spirit with tears of humility streaming down my face. Humbled by the Goodness, Mercy and Love that God has given me. Along with the remembrance of the depth of my deliverance. There are times I see laughter and joy because of the Happiness he traded for my bottle of sorrows. I believe it's important and effective to give God my most sincere Thanksgiving & Praise. However, there are times that simply doesn't happen and my praise doesn't meet my expectations. (KEY WORD- MY EXPECTATIONS-NOT HIS!) There are simply times we just don't have the energy or strength to pass through every stronghold and be 100% proactive. Many of those times I walk away feeling defeated or that the enemy has won. What I failed to realize is that sometimes Standing in the midst of the storm is your Praise. Standing in the presence of your enemy is a Praise against the enemy. As April Anderson says "Confuse the Enemy with your Praise." Confuse the author of confusion by reacting the opposite of how he is used to you responding. Let your Stand be your praise against the enemy when you feel you have nothing else to give. Allow your Giant to be slayed with your stand if you have no other sacrifice of praise for the day or that moment. BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD.

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