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Spring Cleaning

Technically its Winter. However when I awoke this morning- I heard the birds chirping and saw the Ray of sunshine and for a moment- it felt like Spring. As I lay there- I heard it's time for a Spiritual Spring Cleaning Dee. We all know that our Spring Cleaning is just preparation for the months to come-& simply getting rid of everything that isn't needed or of value-& cleaning down even the smallest surfaces we generally miss on a day to day basis. Sometimes I see so many things that need changing- or put to order in my life-and simply lack self -motivation to get them done. The longer I see it-& refuse to repair it-or fix it-or get rid of it-or tidy the mess up- the more uncomfortable I get. I failed to realize that this creates bondage. As I looked at the History of Spring Cleaning - one example stood out more than any. In the Jewish custom - Spring Cleaning is linked to Passover - which marks the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt. It's time for Spring Cleaning within me and my home! Liberation time is Here! 

DeLinda Ramsey 

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