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The One Who Chose Us

C.S. Lewis once wrote that, “There are only two ways to live your life – One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is.” I remember reading that quote at a young age and sincerely taking it to heart. It was good for me to endeavor to view everything as a miracle from God. It helped me keep a positive attitude and taught me to learn the beauty of being grateful for all things, even the seemingly simple and mundane.

My southern Baptist raised mind was very confounded, however, when it came to reading about the miracles in the Bible. I have had some skepticism regarding the subject, to be honest. I fully believed that all of those signs, wonders, and miracles happened back in those days. But when it came to those types of miracles happening in our modern day, I cannot deny that I carried skepticism about it. It is not that I did not believe that God can do these things in our modern day and time, but it just did not seem like He performs miracles like that nowadays. While I still did believe in miracles, modern day miracles seemed to be much more of the ordinary variety – small, simple miracles, in ordinary circumstances. Those are still wonderful, but not very similar to those Biblical miracles.

My mindset on this subject radically changed when I came to the Hope Center for Women and became a part of Breath of Life Ministries. I quickly found that I began encountering God like I never have before. When you are liming among and interacting with people who are being fully led by the Spirit of God, it changes your perspective drastically. When you do life with Spirit-led people, radical encounters with God are the norm....healings take place....miracles happen.