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Put Good In, Get Good Out

Do y'all have those random things that just stick with you? I remember those old Minute Maid juice commercials that used to say, "Put good in, get good out." That phrase has stuck with me for years. It just never left. I think the Minute Maid commercials say it in reference to physical health and the things we put into our bodies....but there is so much more to this.

During our devotion this morning at the Hope Center for Women, we talked quite a bit about what we expose ourselves too. Even the "wolf in sheep's clothing" types of things that do not seem bad on the surface but end up leading to negative mindsets and thoughts, at minimum. What types of things are we allowing into our being and how are they affecting us? What are we allowing into our being that leaves an open door for the enemy?

In this media driven society, a lot of our negative influences come at us through the media. The things we watch on movies/TV/YouTube, the music we listen to, the books/blogs/magazines we read....are they pointing to Jesus, or do they pointing away from Him?

So as I'm sure the other girls in the house did, I began to examine myself and pray that God show me the things that I am exposing myself to that leave an open door for the enemy. I felt like the things He showed me were basically a matter of details and semantics. On the surface, most aren't anything terrible, but they're things that leave an open door....which will eventually lead to a slow fade of bigger issues if I'm not careful.