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Let the Treasures Form Within Me

I have an unusual love for modern hymn writers, Keith and Kristyn Getty. Their music is not music I would typically be so drawn to, but their Celtic approach to worship music fascinates me. Most importantly, I love the depth and richness of their lyrics. Over the course of these past several months, as I've felt God drawing my eyes, my heart, and my attention up higher to Him, a particular lyric of theirs has resonated in my soul and stayed in my mind. It's a lyric from their song Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer.... Let the treasures of the trial Form within me as I go And at the end of this long passage Let me leave them at Your throne As I read the Christmas story each year, one tiny verse always takes hold of my attention and my heart. Luke 2:19 says, "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Wow.

Without question, Mary is one of my favorite characters in Scripture. She was so young, but God took note of her obedience and faithfulness, and blessed her beyond her wildest dreams. And while this craziness is going on, she just worships and magnifies the Lord. I still cannot get over it. I'm sure the circumstances had to be overwhelming at times, but instead of freaking out, she took the special moments and memories and hid them away in her heart. Overwhelming is the only word I have to describe these past several good ways and bad ways. Thinking about all of it makes me tired, but so grateful. Despite the craziness of this year, there have been so many perfect moments. Moments when love overshadows everything else. Moments when worship fully captivates my soul. Moments when beauty leaves me breathless. Moments when I'm reminded of the blessing of Kingdom family. Moments when a friend opens their heart to share their life experiences. Moments when God is glorified in the midst of a stormy season. Moments that I've hidden away in my heart to treasure and to ponder and to learn vital lessons from.

Through this Christmas season, we are all clinging to truth, hope, and promises. It's a hard Christmas for me, but I am seeing His faithfulness, love, and grace in ways I never have before. Therefore, I am very grateful. Despite being overwhelmed by things that threaten to hurt my heart during this season and steal my joy, I am overwhelmed by His peace and His love. I want to be steadfast and immovable, not letting hurts and circumstances sway my adoration for God and letting Him work within me and through me, even on the hard days when I am battling. So I will let the treasures of the trials form within me and be grateful for all God is doing.

And even though it is sometimes through tears, my heart is joining Mary's song..."My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior."

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