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Hope Center for Women is a one year program for women who have a desire and willingness to do what it takes for their lives to be changed and transformed through a born again experience with Jesus Christ. They will have a safe and structured home in which to live.  They will be taught to have a personal relationship with Jesus and to learn to live life as a disciple of His Word through Biblical teaching and counseling.  They will be taught how to live and deal with life issues while remaining sober and drug free through the Christ centered 12 steps.  Other programs will be offered either through the Hope Center for Women or other community resources.  These classes will include financial, GED, parenting classes, nutrition classes, etc.  Upon graduation, The Hope Center will aid each woman in her search for employment as well as transitioning back into her community.


The Hope Center for Women’s New Breed of Recovery program is not your typical recovery program.  We knew that if we wanted to reach people and help them achieve permanent success in their life, we had to begin to pray that God show us how to do things differently.  The name “New Breed of Recovery” was given to us by God.  Our home is just that – a home.  Not a facility.  Not a rehab.  We are transitioning out of old models of recovery and have become a Training and Equipping Center for women coming out of addiction, abuse, and other life-controlling issues.  Our New Breed of Recovery program is modeled after the book of Esther.  For the first six months, the girls are being refined and taught.  We focus on pulling out the negative things rooted deep within them and teaching them what their new identity is in Jesus Christ.  For the second six months, we focus on training and equipping the girls in their gifting and preparing them to launch into the calling and destiny God has for them. 

MISSION:  Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, and cost free home for young women with life controlling issues to be transformed and set free through biblical teaching, counseling, and God’s unconditional love and forgiveness.  


VISION:  We are committed to being a place recognized in the community and surrounding communities for the integrity and love we show the women we serve. We want to see countless women’s lives changed forever through the power, love, and hope of Jesus Christ.

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