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The Hope Center for Women began as a dream God put into the heart of an ordinary woman. As lifelong residents of Allen County, Kentucky, Sue Cline and her husband Scott shared a common heart burden for the hurting, broken women who were incarcerated at their local county jail.  They began serving alongside each other in jail ministry in 2005 as they strived to meet those women at the point of their need and shared the hope and love of God with them.

As they ministered at the jail, their eyes were opened to the harsh reality that many women were released from jail and had nowhere to go because they had lost everything and destroyed their relationships because of their poor life choices that stemmed from their addictions, abuse, and life-controlling issues.  These women would end up right back in jail because they had no guidance, support, or love to help them to change their lives, so they returned to the things that held them in bondage and got them into troubled situations.  Sue could clearly see that this cycle of addiction and abuse could be broken if only these women had a safe place to go to in which they would be given the opportunity, love, and support necessary to help them turn their lives around.

In 2007, the Hope Center for Women was born when the Clines accepted the first women into their home, free of charge.  Sue chose to continue to accept women into their home rather than see women continue to be released from jail, only to walk right back into the very lifestyle that caused their destruction.  She felt led to shelter and guide these women into a new life through a personal relationship with God.  As the Hope Center for Women generated more attention and interested applicants, it became evident that the Clines needed more space to provide a home for these women.  In 2010, in collaboration with Joyce Meyer Ministries, the Hope Center for Women obtained its 501c3 status as an incorporated non-profit organization. They also gave a monetary award which enabled us to build onto our existing home.

Now, seven years later, the Hope Center for Women is operated independently from the Clines’ home at a property located in Scottsville, Kentucky.  Over the past ten years, the Hope Center for Women has evolved from the dream of one women who saw a great need in her community and acted on her desire to make a difference in the lives of other women into a beautiful home nestled on three acres of usable farmland that is large enough to accommodate eight women at a time.

Hope Center for Women purchased their first home

in 2015 in Scottsville, Kentucky.

IMG-0625 (1).JPG
Founders Scott & Sue Cline
Small beginnings at the Cline's home.
Our thanks to Joyce Meyer Ministries!
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