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What worship music is playing at the Hope Center for Women this week?

All of us at the Hope Center for Women love worship music and the encouragement that it brings to us.  There's always great music playing at the home!  Stop by here each month to hear songs chosen by each of the Hope Girls and the staff!  Each of us have different musical tastes, so you never know what kind of inspiring music you'll get to hear!  Plus, you'll get another glimpse into the hearts of our girls.  We pray that this music will speak peace and joy to your hearts and help you worship our good and faithful Father!





Spirit of the Living God (Meredith Andrews)

Lions (Skillet)

Control (Tenth Avenue North)

Wrap Me in Your Arms (Eddie James)

East to West (Casting Crowns)

Megan says - "This is a song I've loved for quite a while, but has developed fresh meaning to me as God has brought me out of religion.  The more religion that He breaks off of me, the more I just love to worship.  I love to imagine that I'm singing in the shadow of His wings.  This song so beautifully describes the feel of being led by the Spirit.  I love this particular video of it because the anointing toward the end of the song is so strong and it's just good stuff."

Mention of Your Name (Jenn Johnson)


Dee says - "As I laid in bed listening to this song one night, the spirit within me wanted to jump from the sleepy somber I was in and rise to each declaration of this song.  It reminded me of the girls here at the Hope Center for Women.  We come in feeling so small, overwhelmed by the shame and guilt of our sins, and often feel defeated and powerless.  Throughout our process, training, and equipping, we realize that we have the power within us, through Jesus, to stand tall and fight.  There is a raging lion within each of us to stand tall, walk the walk, and fight the fight.  The words to this song are uplifting and just a remind of all of that."

April says - "As I began to listen to what the Lord said to me through this song, He reminded me how He hand-picks each one of us.  God doesn't need me, but somehow He wants me.  God sees in us what we don't see in ourselves.  When all that we is is our faults, failures, and the things we're not good at, God sees past all of that.  God sees the person He is creating us to be.  We are hand-picked and adopted by God."

Toni says - "This song reminds me on my weakest days, when it seems like the enemy knows just how to get to me and remind me of who I used to be - I hear these words and remember that because of God's love for me, I am forgiven, I am made new, and because of Him, I am worthy. "

Sue says - "I have challenged myself to bring myself to the altar for 30 days and God led me to this song that totally brought me in His presence."