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My story is long.  I had a pretty normal childhood.  No drugs there.  My mom and dad worked hard to provide for me, but there was always something missing.  I got pregnant at the age of 15, got married, and left home.  Within two years, I had two babies and a very unfaithful husband.  After eight years of marriage, we divorced.  That is where my drug use began.

The next 20 years of my life were nothing but a mess.  I had lost custody of my boys to my parents which made life miserable.  They no longer considered me a part of their family.  Seeing my boys just a couple of times a week was not only heartbreaking, but it was a fight every time.  This only made my drug use worse.  I used to numb the pain of missing my boys.

I had nobody.  I went to work every day just like a normal person, but I was dying inside.  There was always a hole I felt like I needed to fill and drugs helped me ease the pain.  I was in jail numerous times, only to get out and start using again.  I actually cleaned myself up for about five years and had my boys living with me at one point when they were teenagers, but once again I started using drugs.

This was the last straw.  Within a year, I was helpless, hopeless, and homeless.  I ended up back in jail on a seven-year sentence.  I used that time to open a Bible and try a different approach to life.  After all, I had nothing left.  After three years of doing time, a Substance Abuse Program, and a one-year deferment, I finally made parole.  I had nowhere to go and the thought of a halfway house in a big city scared the life out of me.  That’s when a lady told me about the Hope Center for Women.  By the grace of God they accepted me and I was on my way to Scottsville, Kentucky, which was only about a 45-minute drive from my hometown and my boys.

I cannot begin to tell you how much the Hope Center for Women changed my life.  Through the love of Sue, April, and so many others, I learned the true meaning of God’s love and I learned how to apply Him to my everyday life.

Since then, my relationship with my boys has been reconciled.  I have a new husband of two years and a new baby girl that will be two in April.  God has blessed me so much over the past few years in so many ways.  I would not be where I am today without the Hope Center for Women.

"Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me."
- Psalm 27:10 NIV -
"God sets the lonely in families, He leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land."
- Psalm 68:6 NIV -
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